Gov. Phil Murphy has earned NJEA's endorsement for reelection as Governor because he's the pro-public education candidate. For three and a half years, Gov. Murphy has been unafraid to show his support for public schools and the educators who bring them to life. Gov. Murphy has made a difference for us, and now you can join our movement to ensure his support continues.

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Gov. Murphy's Top Achievements, Education Edition:

Chapter 78 relief signed into law

Job Justice signed into law

Paid more into the pension fund than any governor in history, this includes the first full pension payment since 1996 (25 years!), which he made one year ahead of schedule

Expanded Access to Preschool

Expanded Access to Tuition-Free Community College

Expanded Amistad Curriculum, signed LGBTQ curriculum into law

Appointed the state's first and second Black Commissioners of Education, Dr. Lamont Repollet and Dr. Angelica Allen-McMillan

Prioritized educator access to the COVID-19 vaccine

Supported Waiver in 2021 to #CancelTheTests

Restored respect for public education

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